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Voice Over / On-Camera Representation


Kathleen Schultz Associates Southeast

On Camera

3455 Peachtree Road NE

Ste 500

Atlanta, GA 30326

O: 818.760.3100

F: 661.298.0733

Contact: Kathleen Schultz, Owner


RSH Management

Voice Over

3071 Arden Road N.W. 

Atlanta, GA 30305

O: 404.403.8447 

F: 404.795.0682 

Contact: Richard Hutchison, Owner

Umberger Agency

Voice Over

1562 Steele Drive NW

Atlanta, GA 30309

O: 404.372.1680

Contact: Jeffrey Umberger, Owner 

Play Talent Agency

Voice Over

5401 N. University Drive

Coral Springs, FL 30367

O: 414.688.8564

F: 727.954.7167

Contact: Diane Schorsch, Agent


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